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Help Vets for Cannabis Become
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Melbourne, FL 32936
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The Mission is a project of FLCAN,
in cooperation with NORML of FL Veterans Committee and Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access
To enlist 100,000 veterans in the battle for equal access to cannabis.
100,000 Veterans Uniting
Veterans Prefer Cannabis-Based Medicine
Steps To Take
Become One of Us - Be 100,000 Strong for Veterans
Our group consists of veterans from all branches of service, who have served both in times of peace and in times of conflict. These veterans have recognized the value of cannabis for treating ailments commonly experienced by veterans and their family members.

Be One in 100,000 in the Project for Veterans

We are working together to inform veterans about the benefits of cannabis-based medicine. is a project of the Florida Cannabis Action Network, in cooperation with NORML of Florida Veterans Committee and Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access.
Research in the human's endogenous cannabinoid system is showing that cannabis treats TBI, PTSD, and Pain. the VA allows veterans in legal states to find relief and a better quality of life because of this plant.

Learn How Veterans Use Cannabis as an Effective Treatment

The Veterans Health Administration issued a directive allowing veterans in cannabis-friendly states to legally use cannabis without it affecting their VA services.

Join Veterans Across America Demand Equal Access to Cannabis
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Be part of the solution
Educate yourself
Listen to other vets
Ignore naysayers
Engage lawmakers
Value your right as a vet
Empower and defend others
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